External J-M1 charger

My new package arrived from Futureshop! The pictures are from Crackberry.com (basically my favorite site right now). Its the external J-M1 charger for the 9900 Bold series. What is great about this is that I can now stop worrying about my battery life, which has been substantially worse than my prior Blackberries (9000 and 9700 Bold).


Its very sleek and portable, so I will just leave it in my work bag in the charger (it folds up into a nice carrying case for the second battery). Of course I am going to be monitoring the leaked Beta releases to keep an eye on tweeks for battery and performance for various OS releases, but this is great. I don’t have to worry that I don’t have enough battery to last the night after a full day of work.

On a sad note, I no longer fit into one of my work pants. My gut is simply too big for it. I have to keep a real careful eye on my food portions. Its really really tough but I know I can do it.

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