Lesnar and Vietnam

S bought me a life size cardboard cutout of my favorite athlete, Brock Lesnar. He now happily goes around the place scaring W as I hide him in places she least expects to see a monster sized MMA fighter. I love this guy. I wish he didn’t retire so soon. Watched the following workout vid and pushed harder at the gym today. I am now military pressing at 200lbs 6 reps x 8 sets! Getting stronger by the week.

Found a local Vietnamese restaurant that was really good. Glad to find one that is local and in walking distance. Food was fantastic and service was great. The restaurant is family run and they had their kids helping out in the front. The food was freaking so good, and its unbelievably convenient to have one thats like next door. I am really glad! W had a vermicelli bowl.

And here’s my XL bowl of pho. The beef was a little too cooked for my liking but it tasted great regardless.

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