eating out all week

Had some Ho Ho’s Chinese food in HUB. Good seeing the old chilling ground from undergrad, but kind of depressing knowing that just in the stairwell next to the table was a fantastic dorm where all my best buds used to be. Going to be starting another four years here at the uni, but it wont be the same without all my friends. Oh well.

Went skating on Wednesday. Did not like it. I can’t skate and these skates hurt my feet so much. It was actually really really painful. ]

Went to an Indian grill after skating and it was a bit disappointing. I usually like these nook and cranny restaurants, cause they are cozy and serve great food, but this was a bit small in size. Service was great, not sure if I would go again though.

Just wasn’t really impressed with the food at all. I had Tandoori chicken. I know its kind of like fast food at this place, but at the cost of eating at a sit in diner, it didn’t really offer all that much bang for the buck. At least I had a fantastic convo with S and H that night.

Had the monster Venti sized new XL Timmy’s coffee and an egg white breakfast sandwich. Really good actually. The sandwich was not too greasy and the coffee was perfect for me as a single single. Love it quite a bit.

Then I had some good old Jacket Potato Man’s beef stew and chicken salad. Really good and actually too much food for me now. This is good. This means that I am now shrinking the amount of food that I am eating and not overkilling my stomach with sheer calories. The food was good as per usual here. My goodness I love campus life so much. I am really glad to be committing another four years here, I love this institution.

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