Happy Chinese New Years

Made a baked chicken with some special spices, cha siu, some suey choy and corn soup for Chinese New Years dinner. Pretty tasty and I more than ate my daily worth of protein today.

Been kind of quiet and uneventful since I got in the program last night. When I got in the Masters it was really awesome because of how much I didn’t think I would make it, but now I think I was pretty confident that it would fly. Guess the relativeness really makes the difference. Nevertheless I’m really happy. This will be a good year. Lots of preparation for the upcoming year. Definitely gotta get my Masters research done soon that’s for sure.

My biggest ambition this year is to take a different psychological ailment each week and learn its diagnosis and treatment procedures. Its been a really non clinical year with just research and I can definitely tell I’m a bit rusty. This week is FASD! Lots of reading to do.

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