fat and sleep

This diet thing isnt so bad I guess but its definitely a bit of a change. I’m working on eating smaller more frequent meals and right now its so tempting to just scarf down my giant tupperware of lunch. But so far, I have divided it into two and eaten one half and twelve and one half at four. It felt pretty good, because by supper I didn’t feel like scarfing down another pot of rice as I usually do. As I goto bed, it feels better not feeling like I still have a stomach of food I need to burn off. I’m sure thats a huge reason I have such a gut right now. Another thing I really want to do is watch my sleep patterns and try to get in early and wake up early, as well as push myself to get seven hrs of sleep on work nights. I think my body really needs it.

Its so freaking cold out that I dont even care what car I drive, I just need one now. Its an unreal temperature and its time to put two layers of down filled jackets and sweaters on. Sigh. Do not like.

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