UFC 141 and Lesnar is my hero

UFC 141

I wasn’t that psyched for this fight that much before, but now I am so hyped its unreal. My favorite fighter, Lesnar, against another behemoth. I could only wish to be like these guys. I think if there is one role model I have, its definitely Lesnar. Hes just such a fantastically huge guy, and yet he moves with the speed of a sprinter. I definitely am training more on the lines of getting jacked huge vs cutting and fit in more with this body shape.

Started squatting and leg presses last night and I cant say I loved it. The machine in the condo works, and its nice to have a new exercise regiment. Its just kind of annoying to start out fresh with an exercise and not know how much you should push yourself. Like I know exactly how much I need to push on a shoulder press so that at the end of the workout, I am spent and have really pushed myself. Its tough when I am trying to do the 8×8 workout and theres not much certainty in how much I need to go at.

Anyways, back to my thesis.

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