Abs and new gym equipment

Found these sweet Ab Straps at Winners for just 14.99. Attached them to my chin up bar and I finally have legit equipment for abdominal and core workouts at home! Super exciting and definitely tiring. According to the manual, my 8×8 routine is above beginner but its half the level of elite. Especially when its counting 40 reps a set! There’s no way I can do that right now. For the moment, abs day is 8×8 of knee ups, leg ups, side lifts and weighted Russian twists. Pretty awesome to have a full workout plan for my core now. I never really liked doing ab stuff at the campus gym, just didn’t seem worth it to me compared to working out things that I can’t do at home, like using the 100 lb dumbbells. I only really liked the hyper extension machine for my lower back and obliques. Super exciting!

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