binge eating and chilling

Whew! A whirlwind of a week and just trying to wrap a few things up. The new move to the university is super appreciated. Much closer commute and big giant windows. Super awesome.

This week I obviously had my fill of restaurant food. Yummy Indian take out, Koryo jumbo combo, a massive breakfast at Barb and Ernies that obviously was way too much. We had sit down to a schnitzel and smoked salmon eggs benedict but I mentioned that the pancakes were really good and W suggested we get some. But then I know that its a really good price to buy multiples and then it went downhill after that. Needless to say we have leftovers right now.

I’m a bit sick and its kind of frustrating. I’m thankful it hasn’t progressed into anything major, just a runny nose, headaches and some sore throat action that’s minor. But its just annoying to be under the weather regardless. I think I got it from W. She’s been really sick the past week and although I have a fairly strong immune system, I guess it got to me with the little sleep and lots of heavy lifting from the move at work. Sigh.

I’m making awesome progress at the gym, really feeling it with the upper body. I feel fantastic strength wise and am just blown by how comfortable I am getting at my current weights, suggesting a move upwards is just weeks away. Woohoo! I’m really glad I’m not so sick as to not being able to goto the gym.

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