good dinners and gym times

Had a really great dinner with W last night. She made miso soup, these salmon rice balls that were seasoned super awesomely and some seasoned beans. Super super good. I definitely feel lucky to be with someone so skilled and creative with cooking.

I also had a really good time with the Smith machine in the condo gym. As much as I think they are boring compared to free weights, I realized that there’s a lot of opportunities to push yourself in ways that you could only do with a spotter on free weights. So I was pretty happy to push to eight sets of ten reps on the bench press. Pretty exciting. And then this morning I made a push to do my bicep curls, tricep dips, pull downs and push ups, all on the machine I usually hate a lot, so all in all, really great.

It was the last day on the northside today for work, and I gotta say, as much as I hate the commute, I’m gonna miss that place. Lots of good memories from there and its definitely taken a liking for me. I’m quite excited to cut my commute time in half though, and come Wednesday ill get to be a lot closer to W, and the campus gym, some definite big plusses for me.

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