Enjoying the night

Had a little pizza yesterday from the freezer. Not too shabby, but nothing great. Delissio isn’t as good as I have remembered it. I added some deli turkey meat to make it a little more protein filled, but its kind of disappointing to have empty calories that are not that good.

On the walk from work and heading to transit. Can’t wait to not do this ever again. Its such a pain to cross all the time and I do not look forward to it when I am done my shift. Gonna be so awesome, so soon!

I had a great time this evening in the gym! Shoulder military press is definitely feeling strong and moving forward. Sitting at 190 lbs and 64 reps (8 sets of 8 reps). So awesome! I think tomorrow I will be hitting up the chest press with equal ambition, maybe pushing for 10 reps x 8 sets at 200 lbs. Should be awesome. I am really excited about the gains I have been making.

This isn’t my Crunchsms, but I just found out the app I barely use for my Blackberry can be customized for colors! I love this so much. I am like a teenager all giddy about their first cell phone. I have made it this really cool color scheme that I just love. So cool.



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