Wanted to go out with W for lunch at Gaya, but they were closed. On the hunt for lunch on campus we tried the Hong Kong cafe by College Plaza, but they have an indefinite opening. Also great. So we then went to the tried and true Buddy Wonton Seafood restaurant just off Whyte Ave and had au lam chow mein, ground beef congee and the rice rolls that I am totally forgetting what they’re called. The congee was disappointingly flavorless, but the chow mein was quite good. We then ended up at Crave Cupcakes across the street and picked up a red velvet and vanilla something cupcake. Super delish! Probably the first time I’ve realized that there are much better cupcakes than the generic Safeway in house ones. The icing really was butter cream delish. Soooo good.

I also managed to get some work done in the office, which was good. Hopefully I can wrap things up tonight. I want to have my CV and letter of intent out by this weekend, which is more than feasible.

Also really exciting: second last day on the northside! On Tuesday we will officially be south central which will make my commute and life really really awesome. I’m super excited. I’m not sure if I still want to work out before I goto work. Technically I should be able to because I have more time in the morning, but now, I finish right on campus and have access to the gym. Kind of a tough call, because there is nothing I like more than just finishing work and going home. However, I know these morning workouts are limited to my half groggy state and that I can definitely push more when I am at the gym vs at home. Tough call.

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