So my desktop is really really awesome. I don’t really see any need to use my laptop at all when I am at home which is really really great. This is exactly what I wanted when I upgraded my computer- make sure that it was good enough that I didn’t think that having a 13 inch display on a laptop was better than triple screens on my desktop. This had become a problem when my desktop harddrive and 32 bit limitation to 3.25 GB max ram really slowed it down. Can’t believe how awesome this is. With my Shure SRH840s plugged in, I am just balling it out right now and enjoying the ride. I really love upgrading old equipment.

My next job is to upgrade my laptop to an SSD and replace the optical drive with the old HDD for storage. Should be a blast. I have considered upgrading the iBook G4 I have sitting around, but that will require a copy of OSX Leopard, a new harddrive and more ram. Will it be worth it? Not really sure, since its running on a 1.07Ghz Power PC chip. I suspect that it will suck, and the iBook chassis is a nightmare to navigate, but that could be a project for fun.

I am really looking forward to building my next desktop a couple of years from now. I want to build based off the Thermaltake Level 10 Chassis, which is just unbelievably sexy and the ultimate tower IMHO. Its so expensive that I would never do that on my current budget, but one day! I will.

My bicep workout sucked this morning. I find biceps to be the least satisfying, even if they are easy to isolate. I would rather do chest or shoulders anyday.

At any rate, I need to goto sleep now, early morning start for dead lifts tm!

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