halloween and october

October has been a really fun month. Probably not so much fun for my thesis but definitely fun in taking a break from school. I’ve been doing post-secondary school for a straight eight years now, and although this technically is my ninth year, I’m really just doing research and it doesn’t really count. Although I’d like to eventually like to Ph.D. I think I’m really zoning out and need to stop being a student for once. The work I’m doing is pretty relevant in terms of skills learned for my own thesis work so that’s good. Just a little less stress compared to what midterms and finals have been like on my life in the past.

The thing I probably miss the most is having guidance as a student. You know your role, that is the learn and apply, and get ready for exams. Its kind of weird and unsettling not having that integrated set of rules. Oh well. I think its something I will have to take in and integrate. Right now I think its getting better for me as I grasp the next set of aspects in life, like payments, bills and um more bills. Eek!

Have had some really great times with W this month. We went to some of my favorite places including Good Buddy and I ❤ Sushi. I’ve really come to appreciate the experiences I take in with W, and its dawning to me more and more what being in a relationship is about. When I was younger, I would often see it as this great grand scheme that I would be able to flaunt my partner hand in tow. But now, I see it as a much greater notion, one that requires a great deal of investment and consideration. A relationship is definitely a lot more work than I ever realized, but its completely worth it. I think the greatest thing I’ve taken from this is the push to learn and grow to greater heights. Its super cliche, but I can really see why I love this so much. I’ve never been pushed so much to achieve higher than now.

Workouts have been fantastic. I think I finally kicked my boredom of the gym and am seeing results again. After plateauing for years, it was deadbeat and lame for me to go lift weights. After seeing fairly poor results from my switch to running in the summer, I realized that running just wasn’t in me anymore. That and I was consuming way more calories than I was burning. I ended up cutting coffee creamer and sugar, and just going straight skim milk in my morning brew. As well, I have gone back to my frozen vegetable diet and thus far it seems like everything is working well. I am feeling a lot more solid in my chest strength and my shoulders appear to be picking up well. Just the abs that are kind of sucking, as per usual.

I updated my desktop rig to Windows 7 from XP and added a SSD for the operating system. Its been unreal how awesome my desktop has improved. Still running 2007 specs, its been a little disconcerting seeing how insane current CPU and GPU power is at, but with the SSD my everyday performance is way more than I could ask for. Its snappy and can run my triple monitor setup well. I had a blast setting up the desktop as my friend’s friend built it for me, so it was my first time doing any serious tinkering. Its a little unfortunate that the motherboard is stuck on DDR2 RAM and a socket LGA 775 for processors (meaning no i5 or i7), but at the moment, its more than enough for me.

My next project will be to upgrade my laptop to a good SSD. I got my intel SSD for an awesome price and it looks like I won’t be able to get another one like that for awhile, but that’s ok. The Mac has been running well lately, but it could really use a boost from the 5400 RPM drive its being bottlenecked by. I’m planning on removing the optical drive completely and putting a secondary hard drive caddy in there for storage, and placing an SSD into the primary drive for the OS and apps. Should be awesome! Unlike my HP Tablet that W is using. The POS is holding a faulty Nvidia 6150 GPU that idles at freaking 95 degrees Celsius. No wonder it randomly shuts down. The POS has been fixed by Staples, but the manufacturing defect requires a homemade remedy (as in a rigged heat sink) because HP is a piece of crap that will not acknowledge an idling 90 degree temp is abnormal. This will also be a fun project, but its more annoying than anything.

I’ve found that using the Blackberry Playbook as a primary mobile workstation doesn’t work. Even paired with the excellent Apple Wireless Keyboard, its a pain in the butt to do anything office related other than work on single documents. I think I might do light editing or on the go blogging, but other than that, the Macbook Pro is coming with me for thesis work from now on.

Off work and off to see W before hitting the thesis! Until tm blog world.

Here we have a brains based cupcake. Yummy.


Some scary monsters in the insane asylum at Screamfest. This is right when the girl jumped out from behind us. And scared me and made the camera shake.

Really cool lighting at Magoo something store on Whyte Ave. I loved this placed. So cool.

This SSD is the shiet. Love it.

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