soggy beef and RIM announcements.

Image courtesy of engadget. RIM finally freaking announced the rest of its 2011 phone lineup after the excessive amount of leaks and almost no damage control or marketing from their team. To be honest, its all pretty underwhelming, and like I said in the last few posts, there’s just nothing compelling here for people to stick with RIM unless they have rampant fanboyism. I just don’t see how these can compete against the so called superphones out there. Sure their specs are good for Blackberries, but compared to android/iOS/Windows Phone, its run of the mill and nothing that is headline grabbing. The DPI is average at best, with higher resolutions being pushed at 960×540 (like on the Droid 3), dual core and LTE connections are becoming rather common and so on. And apps are way better. WHY RIM.

Turns out my beef and broccoli wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. The broccoli was great, but the beef sat in tenderizer too long. Oh well. It was kind of like a stew. Next time. Less marination in tenderizer. Also, notice how crappy this picture is. Its from my phone. Of course. I could only wish RIM would put a Nokia N8 level camera in their phones. 

Had no time to make lunch last night, so boiled some chicken legs with salt and pepper. Turned out real tasty and pretty great. Simple and effective!

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