storms and pork chops

Didn’t quite finish it, but I managed to eat half a loaf of bread for breakfast that was 16 days past the expire date. I hate wasting food. The sour tofu in the fridge did not make it down my stomach though.



Post storm in the evening. The city is seeing more than its fair share of freaky weather. This morning was actually nuts. There was an orange glow at 5:30AM and I woke up despite the lack of thunder or anything. It was just eerie and ominous. And then I saw how fast the clouds were moving and how crazy the trees were swaying below the window and I knew something bad was going to happen. The storm struck quickly and fiercely, but managed to stop just in time for me to leave and catch my transit ticket to work.



I was particularly excited about these two puppies. Korean BBQ pork chops I had marinating since last night. My first attempt at pork chops (through the oven) and it smells delicious. Time will tell tomorrow if they are indeed worthy of my anticipation. Its time for me to call it a night and goto sleep early. Last night I couldnt sleep and the early morning storm freakout didn’t help at all.

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