The past week or so

Out for a run over Groat Road. Its always a pleasant time running. Am really getting my runs in before work. Its a bit rushed, but its great as a morning wakeup, and it feels great for the rest of the day knowing that I have taken care of that one little bit.

Somebody completely destroyed this lamp post. I have no idea what happened here. As far as I can tell, it looks like somebody took an RPG to the lamp head, and it doesn’t look at all like the result of a car crash. So weird.

The lady made me a wonderful dish of salt/pepper fried chicken thighs and some homemade XO Sauce (that her dad made) plus green beans and ground beef. Easily a delicious dish for the night.

Just waiting for the train. Chilling out and relaxing in the hot afternoon sun.

Its a warm day and the Adidas Sambas were perfect for the day’s walk. Just not perfect for fighting off the mosquitoes.

First lunch with the work crew at Noodle 49 with the extra special meat plate. It was good, but its kind of small for me. I like the variety but I need the volume too. The sugar cane based shrimp was super good.

Made dinner for the sister and her fiance with W. Some vinegar spare ribs, suey choy and oyster sauce, beans and XO sauce and ginger and onion steamed chicken. SO GOOD.

Saw the VAIO P for sale at the Sony Store and really liked it. If I had a need for a netbook I would totally pick it up. As it is, I would rather have a tablet for the price, because the netbook doesn’t offer anything that I can’t get in my Macbook Pro. The VAIO P is sweet but its poorly powered and its a tight typing session with its keyboard. The high screen res at 1600×768 is UNREAL though. Its all tablet for me for my next portable needs.

Picked up some pho with W on one of her last days in the city. It was nice to have a big bowl of warm delicious soup on a cold rainy day, but the pho here is nothing special. Would rather hit up china town for pho.

Breakfast at the favorite spot, McDonald’s. Always a pleasant experience. I don’t think I could love a restaurant more. Some of my favorite foods, with breakfast burritoes and sausage McMuffns.

Picked up some Elephant Ears for W and I at the Street Performer’s festival. It was soooo good. Surprisingly, W put on a ton of sugar and approved. Under normal circumstances, if I did this I would be chased around the kitchen with intense scolding. 😛

Relaxing by the pool. It was too cool to hang out inside the water.

We discovered sea anemones walking around the city square and had to take a pic with the wonderful walking sea creatures.

Walking jugglers have a ball with the stints.

This dude is the best of the show hands down. Loved his act and his stunts.

Dinner at the India Bistro. Apparently the university president eats her like three days a week and brings the faculty. It was nice, but it was beyond student price range for me.

Finding some monster mushrooms on the lawn outside the restaurant.

And then finding a monster sized fairy ring along the way out.

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