the past few days

W made me a wonderful birthday cake with some chocolate mint wording on tin foil to top off the delicious Oreo delight. She tried to make me a bee and dinosaur to make all my childhood interests come to life on the cake, but they did not make out well for transfer to the cake.

Picked up some mini cupcakes for W at the Starbucks and scored super awesome with one cupcake equaling four for the price of one. The kind lady said she would rather somebody eat them while they were still fresh. The peanut butter chocolate one was DELISH! Sooooo good with a tall glass of milk. Clearly this is why I am struggling with my gut’s circumference.


Today, W, M, M and I went to the Edmonton Eskimos vs. Calgary Stampeders preseason game. It was quite one sided at 40:22 for Calgary. It was super fun though with the first game with W, and stadium food. We were super close to the field too, so that was really neat.


Half time show with some of M’s own students in the mini cheer team! It was pretty neat to watch, although I can’t claim to know too much of football. Was confused for much of the time. M explained a lot for me.

I was clearly excited to be in Commonwealth to see everything. I was taking pictures of everything. M hates pictures. And his allergies were kicking in. He was quite displeased.

SOOOO freaking happy to have sauerkraut on my footlong hot dog. I love sauerkraut so much! So yummy.

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