Play and mushrooms

On the way to watch S’s music direction in the play at La Cite theater, Little Shop of Horrors. It was my first play with W and it was amazing! I don’t know too much about plays, but I certainly enjoyed this one. Great music, great acting, great story overall. And W found these mushrooms on a lawn on our way to the theater.

About to pick up some of my favorite things: Chinese bakery. There is this pineapple bun with custard filling that just blows my mind. I love it to death.

Asian Grill house with family for father’s day. Hot pot and grill. I love grilling the meat, but boiling it in broth just isn’t for me. Especially when lots of seafood has been put in, and everything comes out tasting like the ocean.


Grilling a wonton. It took like half an hour to cook it because it was frozen. It was delicious.

My mother was less than pleased about the octopus and cuttlefish on the grill. This also did not taste good in my mouth. Did not like. At all. The corn also rolled off a lot and was cooked in the leftover oil in the grill bottom. Tasted gross.

Happy father’s day! Mango cake style. From one of my favorite places, T&T Supermarket.

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