End of program

Went out with my fellow school psychology friends and colleagues to the Mongolie Grill for a little end of the two year program celebration/farewell. Some of us are moving onto their doctorates, some of us are moving onto new geographical locations and all of us are trying to move forward with our theses. So we might as well move on with some calories too. The restaurant lets you pick your ingredients and then they stir fry them for you and serve it on a plate of rice with some soup and charge you per weight.

My dish tasted really really bland and I clearly did not put enough sauce in. It was not pleasant to be honest. And parts of my dish were in my friend’s dishes, so that was kind of annoying considering that I am paying per weight for my food. And vice versa. I had other people’s dishes in my dish. Overall not a great experience. BUT! A good experience to hang out with my fellow colleagues as we embark onto the next step of our lives. I still remember sitting in orientation having no idea what was happening or how I go there. How fast two years flies by! What a set of experiences and memories that were made!

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