shinied up

Had the fittings done for the suit rentals for J and M’s upcoming fall wedding. It was a fun experience, but I will always feel like a foreigner in fancy clothes and I’d much rather be in a comfy pair of Vans and some shorts. They gave me massive pants to remind me of my huge level of self conciousness of my waistline. It was too big and I got sized down. The shirt was also super big, but the vest made it seem alright. I feel rather fat about the whole thing. I also notice that the suit makes me quite aware of how short I am. Awesome.

But that’s ok, because today I’m back to 64 comfortable reps at 225lb barbell (two plates!) flat bench press! Yay. So psyched about how well everything seems to be fitting in again. I’m glad I have my strength back. Just need to lose more fat.

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