swimming and graduation

Went swimming with W today in the warm up area. As expected, I suck. Terribly. I sank all the time, and I didn’t feel like I got a good cardio workout, so much that I almost drowned in water lower than my chest. That’s awesome. But W likes to swim, and I will keep trying. It kind of reminded me of the time in Mexico when I was in the harbor looking at fish and “diving” by climbing up and down a ladder. If a current swept me away from that ladder, I would have been dead. That was really stupid of me. Like I can’t swim at all. I just panic and sink. More practice I guess. And more time with W! I really enjoyed her teaching me something I was at a complete loss at how to do. Usually its been me teaching her how to do workout things, but today it was great to spend some nice one on one time with W. I think the lifeguard was laughing at me.

Today, J also graduated from pharmacy and so in tradition of her graduation four years ago, when I looked terribly underdressed and out of place in my workout clothes (I had just ran), I showed up…in gym clothes and with the same backpack as I had years ago. Congrats J! To four years ago haha.

I also bought the Apple remote to use on my old iPod classic as a basic stereo when my desktop wasn’t on. Its been ok, but a nightmare to handle since, it refuses to not also pair with my iPod touch, which is also in a universal dock with an IR port. Wonderful. And the stupid menu button doesn’t actually do anything, which is really dumb, because that’s all I really needed to operate the whole click wheel interface. I have no idea why Apple didn’t make this function happen. And they sell the remote bundled with the dock and AV cables, knowing that you can only go backwards, forwards, adjust volume and play/pause. But cannot operate the menu. Stupid! Oh well. I love the remote still. It is well crafted and feels great.

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