I’ve been pretty frustrated with my work ethic the past year and today is no exception. I’m really bad at watching my time and I’m definitely suspect for a few ADHD symptoms. Its really annoying because it just chews at me about how unproductive I am but nothing seems to change. I generally just feel lazy and stupid about it. ARGH! I need to change something soon….

At least I can say that my workouts have been productive and consistent. Lately I’ve been concentrating on strengthening my back to make sure my chest and shoulders have good support during presses. Its been great so far, and I always like to change it up and make sure I don’t feel like I am plateauing.

Went out with W to go get some greek food at a local Greek fast food joint that opened recently. Really good and great portions! Lamb skewer, greek salad, rice, seasoned potato and some sort of bread. It tasted fantastic. The dessert was based off some sort of honey recipe and it was soooooo freaking delicious. Easily made the meal even better.

Also, going to go swimming with W tm after the gym. Kind of freaked out because I can’t swim at all! It will be interesting for sure.

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