last night and today

On the Strathcona County Transit to our friend E’s place in Sherwood Park. Such a quick commute for a distant dinner! The bus really kicks the gas in on the freeway. I love their buses. They feel much more clean and modern than Edmonton’s and they also have seats facing each other in the back.


And the Asian peace sign. I am excited to be on here.


E and her boyfriend whip up a delicious dinner for us. Steak, shrimp, breadrolls, Caesar and Greek salad, baked potatoes and fruit. It was unreal good. The steak was so perfect. I love rare steak. I think I had too much fun eating this meal.


On our way back, we encounter commuting errors and end up being in a seriously sketchy Capilano mall transit center late at night. Awesome.


And here is the outside of the creepy station. I was kind of wigged out here.


Made dinner with W today. The ingredients laid out on the table and ready to be put together.


Made a yummy XO sauce fried rice with weiners haha. It was pretty good, but its for lunch tm.


Shrimp and egg for a side dish. I love fresh cooked shrimp. And I love eggs even more. So versatile for so many dishes!


Portuguese chicken with potatoes and onion for the main. Lee Kum Kee sauces at their finest. So easy to make simple and delicious dinners. That are not helping my waistline.

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