eskimos training camp veterans day


Bright and early in the morning (at least for me) at the Corona train station awaiting my dear Claireview train to take me to work. Its about 6:20 AM and I am definitely not ripe and ready to work. But whatever. I am armed with a thermos of coffee (that is lukewarm and kind of gross) and more importantly, a sugar-free Rockstar that will take me places should I need them.

Arrive at the Stadium station and its cold, damp and freezing overall. The station looks bleak and inhabitable. There are angry people at the station that also appear to not be morning people.

And here we go! The Commonwealth Stadium in all its glory. And I look at it, and have no idea where to go. I am 35 minutes early for work, so I am not panicking by any means.

Walking through the station. It feels fairly empty. I am super curious as to what everyone else is doing, as the few people I encounter scurry about their ways.



Moon! I remember my old high school teacher always wearing his Moon jersey. I have no idea who he is, but I’m certain he must have been a fan favorite.



Wandering around, trying to find out where exactly I am supposed to go from here.


First bit of encounter: A Chinese player! I had no idea. I am excited to see this, especially given the general stereotype of Chinese men being less than average in muscular strength and athletic prowess. 

Finally manage to make my way into work. Its super exciting being in the Field House. Theres a whole set of gym equipment over on the other end. I would love to workout there! And the astro turf is soooo green. So exciting. Even more exciting was actually touching it and finding the earth like material they made out of recycled tires to make it more natural and bouncy when you run. So cool.


Another view of the gym equipment here. I am super excited about all of this at this point. There’s an upstairs portion all around the field, to house a running track. So sleek inside!


Sneak peek at the whole dealio happening outside of my tent. That’s the green screen for the media shots of the Edmonton Eskimos. Super freaking cool. You can also see the mascots to the right.

More gym equipment in the back. It was really neat talking to the players and finding out what physical feats they had to accomplish in the morning. I could never touch half of the things they were doing.

I would love to run on this track. So clean and cool. Wish I had this for a workout room haha.


One more view of the field before I left. I had such a super cool time working with the verterans today. It was really neat learning the new concussion tests and how neuropsychology is being implemented in professional sports. I don’t think neuropsych will be in my future repertoire of work but it definitely provides a neat perspective in applied psychology.

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