A little bit of dinner


My favorite chirashi bowl at I ❤ Sushi, one our fave Japanese restaurants. The dishes are cheap, plentiful and delicious. Like 5-6 bucks cheaper than your typical Edmontonian Japanese restaurant. And still yummy. I freaking love the variety of fish here.

W grabbed the bento dinner, with some salmon (super fresh and fried just right to perfect flakiness), tempura and tonkotsu. The salmon is really good and it goes well with mayonnaise. W always grabs some on the side when we get this. She paints the salmon with the mayo with a layer that is akin to the layer of ketchup she paints her hashbrowns at McDonald’s with.

This is my favorite table ever. Window view, corner seating and you get to sit a lot closer to your significant other. I always hate when I have to sit across and you need to talk over the music and so on. Good dinner overall. Have an early start tomorrow morning with the Edmonton Eskimos preseason neuropsychological assessments so I will be hitting the bed ASAP and getting ready for a fine excursion tomorrow at a 5:15AM wakeup and some sugar free Rockstar. I choose Rockstar over coffee because its way to early for me to enjoy a hot mug of coffee and I need to be alert fast. Drinking scalding coffee as fast as possible is not fun. I like to enjoy my coffee and not chug it down. Fortunately, Save-On Foods had a sale on Rockstar so some sugar free energy is in the works tm!

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