drinks and burgers

Had a fantastic night out with friends at O’Byrnes Irish Pub on Whyte Ave last night. Super delicious and smooth Strongbow Ale (my fave) and some Big Mac and CinnaTwists at McDonalds to chase the night down. The manager at the McDonalds was rather unpleasant but whatever. All good!

Strongbow is still my favorite drink by a long shot. See what I did there? 😛

The super cute whale GelaSkin that J picked up for her iPhone 4. Its super cool and now I kind of want to redeem my coupon and get it for my laptop….but the problem is that my laptop is considerably bigger than the iPhone and the whale will be much more “all up in your face” which will be a problem when I consider that I use it heavily during psychological assessments. Might have to pass on that one.

Finding some paintball masks for a fun visit to McDonalds.

J completely dominates the table. Or lack of table.

The CinnaTwists are interesting and tasty but they aren’t really worth $1.99 unless you get a free medium coffee along with it.

The famed Big Mac is not as good as I remember it to be. Its special sauce did not phase me in the slightest and I must admit that having two was just overkill. The patty is small, the sauce not as good and really overall, the best deal to beat still is the McDouble for $1.39.

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