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hotdogs and coke!
The School Psychology and Counseling Psychology Educational Psychology students association put together a little fundraising BBQ outside the building today. W and I indulged in some salty fatty meats and condiments and sugar ladened pop, which I OKed for myself since it was a resistance day and I needed energy to push the weights. And what a great push it was today! I got in a solid 64 rep workout with the flat bench press with the 100lb dumbbells with little exertion. It was great. Tying it up with a set of stairs and I am a happy camper. Also saw a cute dandelion growing out by the gym.

I also saw the stupid staff only sign on the gym lockers that one of the faculty members yelled at me for using back in my undergrad. I felt quite excited to be able to use the locker without fear of repercussion now that I am staff. Haha.

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