Some running and some tacos


out for a run in the river valley with lots of spring greeness
I love these split paths- gives an excitement on where you shoudl go in your run and makes you forget you still have half an hour left to kill
View from above – enjoyign the massive greenery in front of me
The bridge- its usualyl pretty pleasant with the view but sometimes the car exhaust is a bit strong
Ive actualyl never run on the LRT pedestrian bridge before
End point to turn around
snuck up to look at the trolley train system- kind of crazy to think there are no guard rails for the train up here
Spring blossoms in downtown
My favorite chicken cut- the fatty thighs
Fried chicken and rice for dinner
soem fatty bakery processed food
I love the flat bread at Subway- its soooo filling
The bizarre Tacotim/bubble tea place we never tried.

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