I’m backtracking and filling out old posts I never got around to captioning circa 2014 now. This was an amazing picture of a McMuffin
Interestingly I would end up getting a Playbook even though I contemplated buying it at full retail. I would then get tired of its poor support and even after the big OS 2.0 update, use it as an alarm clock. Its really amazing how fast technology gets outdated these days. This was one of my lust moments at London Drugs.
I remember when lugging a 4.4 lb laptop with a 13.3 inch screen with poor resolution was still cool for me. Even with the Macbook Pro’s great battery life, it still wasn’t enough to match the VAIO DUO 13’s all day stamina and I still carried the extra weight of a power cord with me. On an interesting note- I have no idea where that mug is anymore
Some excellent extra protein I found in a corn.
Frying rice, the only thing I can really do
Extra friendly cat that came up to me to chill out.

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