More backtracking


Some of my fave junk foods- deluxe mexi fries and burritos with my studying.
I always felt the Rutherford Library bathrooms were kind of creepy looking. I spent many times here in undergrad freaking out about midterms and finals and washing my face in my many 10 hour study sessions
Look at this creepy stall. I always felt like it looked like a Saw movie down here. It was also super hot here all the time.
They’ve updated the lights to a more white color instead of the danger amber yellow the old lights had. I kind of miss the old yellow light atmosphere here- it really made me feel like I was in the danger zone and with my exam grades on my mind, I certainly felt it.Its not quite the same to study here anymore- we used to study here for hours and take breaks at KL’s dorm in HUB but now there’s nobody to take breaks with
I don’t know what this is. I think I was walking with S to get his car. An exciting picture indeed.
I think this was the tombstone donair- it has extra meat and cheese. It wasn’t that good if I recall. It was hyped up a lot in the undergrad community because of its huge size, but I wasn’t impressed.

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