>uneventful and unproductive day


Didnt do too much today. Which is bad news for the thesis. But two job opportunities popped up so tomorrow will be applications and getting Dr. Truscott to go over my coursework. I hope tomorrow is productive. Went for a run today and took it easy. I can’t wait to get back to weights. Running is awesome, but its nice to mix it up with the resistance training. 
Was going to go down this trail but didn’t want W and I to slip and slide on our way back up. It dropped heavily just to the right. 
Some smiley and curly fries W and I picked up at the local grocery store. W really likes the smiley fries and pressed them into the ocean of ketchup which kind of made them bleed out their eyes haha. The thing I love about W is how she has these cute little bursts of excitement on little things that kind of make me realize how its the little things that count. For instance, smiley fries. And as much ketchup as possible. Haha. I personally liked the curly fries more, but that’s just the salt and seasoning lover inside of me. And the unhealthy lover as well. 😛
Got a new surprise in the fish tank today! A little albino algae eater is now taking up residence as the local cleaner dude. Hes a total midget and is like 1/25th the size of my monster albino feeder fish. 
So far it looks like the big tank is too much for the guy to handle, so its still pretty grody on the sides. Hes super cool. 

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