Ate lunch outside in Quad with W today. Had a yummy single single Timmies. 
And carrots to fight my waistline. The amount of mosquitoes that ate me alive in Quad was unreal. 
Barbell with S. Back in business with two plates and 8 sets of 8. Kind of flubbed the last few reps with poor form, but I am glad to be going hard again. My right shoulder really got pulled hard though, so it looks like its cardio for a few days. 
Lat workout. I love this machine so much. I can really feel the lat burn. 
W made my favorite pork ribs for lunch. Its cane sugar, vinegar and pork deliciousness. 
Whats the popo upto? I thought this might be a dramatic awesome stage of checking passes and seeing people argue their way out of not carrying anything, but alas, no drama. 

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