>Great and unproductive day


More summer days. Plus massive amounts of wind. I always love seeing the change in fur in the rabbits on campus. And how docile yet terrified they seem to be around students. 
Went for gelato with W and had candied ginger and vanilla. The ginger was really cool, I liked it. There was a dark chocolate with chili pepper flavor that was pretty neat, but I passed on it. 
Saw this super poor random microwave in CAB/Cameron Library. I always thought it was amusing and stupid how difficult it was to heat one’s lunch on campus. Fortunately there are plenty of places to do so in the clinic and grad student lounge. But this is just awesome. 
Back in the gym again today with military presses. This rack is always my favorite, cause its where the big guys go. It was sort of a proud moment when I finally graduated from the mainstream rack to the monster weight rack. I had a great workout today. 
The bushes are starting to bust out with flowers and this one is always super awesome. I have on in the yard and its super pretty flowers are just there for just a few days. 
Some pretty flowers near SUB. I love spring so much! Its such a wonderful time of the year. 
En route. Pretty morning at the station. 

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