>Sunny and Awesome


Just a nice sunny day overall. Can’t complain too much! Did a debrief with one of my clients this morning, hit the gym with S, hung out with W at the library and then hit up some job applications. Oh and turned my garage inside out in a mad hunt for mice. Turns out the little vermin have made an establishment in the recesses and have pooped little piles of Hanta fever fun everywhere. We swept, sprayed and checked all nooks and crannies for the little guys but found nothing other than poop everywhere. I hope they dont come back. I had tons of fun working with the family even though we were dealing with rodents. Mice don’t freak me out, but their dirtiness and rapid reproductive abilities do make me rather terrified of them taking up residence and leaving more poop everywhere.

Hit the barbell bench press with S today! It was fantastic. I had the two plates action going on like old times and although I didn’t touch my old abilities, it was fantastic pushing myself with a good spotter. We also hit the lats really well and I can’t remember the name of the machine we were using, but I was pretty close to pulling five plates! It was soooo good going back. Also ate tons of carrots today in my transition to a more veggie diet. I have realized my diet is so bad that even running isn’t doing enough for my waistline. I am really excited to be back in the saddle with S again. We make pretty good progress in the gym together.

I applied to some health jobs in total contrast to all the education positions I usually do. I think I need a change of pace, and I genuinely want to spend more time in the psychological field as much as possible. I am really psyched and hope something turns up. And if not, then its back to childcare! Urgh.

W and I are going to experiment with some pizza this upcoming weekend, so I am pretty pumped about some of the recipes that I always love like the smoked salmon/sundried tomato/artichoke pizza at Famoso. So yummy! I think there’s some apple bits in there too. Can’t wait! Also can’t wait to go for some nice strolls out with W. 😛

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