>Sunday Evening


Went to 7Eleven for snacks after a hike with the fam and W. Forgot to take a pic of the Surpise! bags we grabbed. Quite reminiscent of my childhood memories of mum picking u these bags filled with what I thought were the greatest surprises in the world (toys and candies of different kinds everytime). Predictably, it was filled with shitty candy and stickers from yesteryear’s Disney hits like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. W picked up some candy. It was yummy. 
 Map of the hike in the River Valley. Pretty neat, didn’t notice this before. Its really close to Fort Edmonton Park and you can see campus from the top. 
The stairs that make me well aware of how out of shape I am. I am literally panting and screaming in agony at my dead quads by the time I am at the top. The scenery is totally worth it though. 
Just gorgeous out on the river at sunset. Loved it. 
Picked up some food for mum to celebrate Mother’s Day. Plenty of meat and no vegetables. My kind of style! I think I kind of grossed myself out though with the grease. Good thing I have been running for the past few days. 
Mum really enjoyed the mousse cake we picked up. I hope by next year, W and I will be able to make out own. W is really great at baking, so we should be able to pick up a few recipes to have more fun and spend less on these things. The cake was delish and mum seemed to love it. 
And of course at T&T Supermarket we had the 4 item combo bomb again while we were waiting for more food. Lemon chicken, green beans, tofu and sweet and sour pork. No wonder my waistline is struggling so much. Tm is going to be another running day. 
Love looking at all the delicious goodies behind the glass. Except that suey choy dish. Its stir fried suey choy. It tastes so bland and boring. 
Mother’s day cakes out on display at T&T. Looks like a whole lotta fun at the top. You can eat an image of a mother or grandma!

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