Hit up Red Robin’s for some caloriefest fun. Needed a bit of fatty fun to make the pain of the grades online go away. W had the fried salmon and chips, which tasted alright, except that everything else was deep fried and actually kind of killed it haha. Love tartar sauce so much!
Had the bacon cheeseburger, which was alright. I am going to get the terriyaki burger next time, I need a little more sauce and flavor on my meat.  W just ate all my fries and didn’t touch her salmon. And since the fries are unlimited…..haha.
More fried goodness. 13 fat onion rings and delicious dip. Very fresh and delish. 
Mint chocolate brownie milkshake. SOOOO good. I think this was overkill, but whatever. 
Walked around a park for a bit. 
I love how high this park goes above the ground. Its very fun and seems dangerous for its catered audience at the elementary school nearby. 
Pretty sure this is the scene of some epic Grouders tag games. 

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