>Saturday Morning Run


Stormy weekend ahead. Its too bad, cause I think W and I could really  have used a good walk outside. The rain is starting to come down and the  wind and unpleasant skies do not look inviting at all. Thankfully I  just finished my run just moments ago and I am in the clear. Except for  the travel to W’s place. Right now the thunder is also rolling in.  Awesome. 

Found these weird growths in  one of the trees nearby. I think its some sort of fungal infection that  is making the tree develop tissue growth all around. Sort of reminds me  of a gall, where the tree creates a tissue bed around the insect larvae  as it releases chemicals that do some sort of interesting interaction  that I don’t fully recall all the details from Entomology 378 Insect  Pathology and my Entomology 208 Forest Entomology classes from  undergrad. Not sure if I care enough to see if I can fix this problem.

Went out with M and K last night to Taipan restaurant where I had the  dinner special Hainan Chicken with a cold coffee. The cold coffee was  predictably too sweet and creamy with not really enough yumminess. I  order it because I like the variety deal but not sure if it is worth it.  The service is terrible as usual, with upto five requests for tea and  water left unaswered. The chicken was ok, the rice was too greasy and  overall the food was just soso. Probably not going to swing by there  anytime soon.

 Took a look at Case 39 last night with the boys and really enjoyed the movie on M’s new home theater setup. It was a real great movie with some genuinely “OMFG!” moments. K wasn’t impressed by it. He thought it was too predictable and cheesy. Oh well. M and I were big fans of it. Its kind of nice to just let your self go into the movie’s atmosphere and forget about everything else you are worried about. Great time with the boys last night.

Also had yummy Starbucks yesterday at the WEM Ice Palace location with W and M. The frapuccino happy hour is back and hlaf off from 3-5PM. More importantly, I discovered that there is a green tea frap that isn’t on the menu, and that is a million times better than their other flavors. Yay!

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