>Its friday.


Went out the T&T Supermarket for lunch and had a delicious 4 item platter. I remember reading in the Toronto Star how all of this food is just greasy and tasteless. I agree but I also agree that it just hits the spot so well with my terrible food choices and more than makes up for it with a massive amount of food. Had some beef stew, steamed pork, lemon chicken and salt and pepper squid. So yummy. And a side of hot and sour soup. OMG. My fave. 

Went for a run out at the River Valley today and just was overlooking the High Level Bridge. Its so pretty from this vantage point, I had to stop and appreciate it. 
The monstrous set of stairs that left me panting on my way up. Its really great to have such a huge variety of obstacles and scenery in the downtown run. I love it. It certainly beats running at the treadmill. 
 Just a view from a sunny afternoon on the High Level Bridge. Its really pleasant here, and brings back great memories of my fourth/fifth year of undergrad.
And just a final look out from the High Level Bridge at the River Valley and the LRT line. Such a great run today!

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