>Afternoon Run


Didn’t really explain what was happening here. Basically found another great trail to run in, and found the blessing of using my Blackberry as a music/Micoach player on me as I run. Plenty of impromptu pictures. I always love running on this trail, its really nice on the legs, as the ground is much more forgiving than concrete. I also love the fairly long and peaceful route with no interruptions.
Hit the Saskatchewan river pretty quickly and it was filled with people to the left of the picture.
So peaceful. Too bad I was alone, it would have been great to sit down with W here.
The trail going up and a warm afterrnon sun beaming down ahead.
Peaking through the bushes at the river from another angle.
Just really really peaceful to run in. Love running in grass cause of the shock absorption, but hate worrying about stepping in a gopher hole and screwing up my ankle.
This trail was actually really gross and muddy with all the spring runoff. But totally worth pushing through into the valley.

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