Read the bus times wrong and now have a twenty minute wait for the next one. Awesoooome. Can’t wait to pick up my car this year. It is sorely needed. I really need to grab one because of moments exactly like these.

Managed to drop in some extra data onto one of my clients reports last minute. Thankfully it didn’t change my overall diagnosis and the report was left largely intact.

Also went for a pretty good run today. I fell mostly confused on what I am writing right now haha. It was such a busy term that its confusing to just sit here and think that I have absolutely nothing in high demand right now. I need to get registered for my last few classes and that’s it. Weird.

Yesterday I got some great news. I did ok on my assessment final, not as good as I wanted but whatever. The part that really tripped me out was that I got the highest mark (alongside one other person) for the clinical interpretation, meaning that I kicked ass on interpreting the psychological assessment results and making the proper diagnosis for the client! Yes! I was so excited about that, because I was worried about showing a complete lack of clinical skills after such a brutal year. So psyched to see that. I bombed my ability to explain the short answer questions though, which was things like Response To Intervention (RTI) the new initiative for psychological assessments in schools. Oh well. I can figure out the politics later. I’m just happy my clinical skills were ace in class. I also scored a good grade in my development class so that was a nice plus. I celebrated with some Korean fast food. Woohoo.

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