>Oilers and Muffins


Yesterday I went to Rexall center for a luncheon with all the staff that have worked with the Oilers. It was kind of like a large platter of Edo style teppanyaki and Gatorade everywhere. It was super fun, and I met up with a few of the support staff like their physiotherapist. Pretty neat! This is the Oiler’s gym. I wanted to take a snap shot of the changing room which was totally balling, but there was too many people in there. 
Really antsy on ditching the BB and getting a Nokia N8. Its been really hanging on me for the past day or so. That’s pretty much it. I have been eating these delicious pistachio muffins I picked up at Save-On Foods while I study for my monster exam on Tuesday. They are neon green inside and probably fat as hell but they are delicious. They are probably running counter to all my running. That’s ok. I pretty much assume that I will not make progress with my weight as exams approach. The nice thing about studying is that it is relevant and applicable to clinical work, so I don’t feel like its a huge pointless task, and while I study, I am conceptualizing some of my client cases. Yay!
Anyways its time to go back and study. One more chapter to read, and then a late night. 

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