Hahahhaha its a little difficult to see the wording, but it basically shows what the phone user looks like on the left, what the user thinks they look like, and how they are seen by other users on the last two. 
Basically Blackberry users think they are super elite looking, but are seen as old dinosaurs by Androids users. Android users think they are super smart looking but they are seen as nerds and little pizza delivery kids by iPhone and BB users. And iPhone users think they look super hot, but BB users think they like like babies and Android users think they look like the cult. 
Had a real wanting for a Nokia N8 today, in consideration of the powerful camera on it, the fantastic hardware build and the rumors that it will be the W8 when it gets windows phone on it. Totally want Windows Phone and want the Nokia hardware. I won’t lie when I say that the BB is definitely feeling like it is wearing thin on me and that no matter how much I spout about it, I know that I am missing out on some great features. 
I am really looking forward to the W8. Its going to be awesome. Now that I realized I can type just as easily on my iPod Touch vs. my Blackberry, its difficult for me to justify staying with RIM aside from being an outright fanboy. 

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