>Nokia E6


The Nokia E6 is here and it is gorgeous. Building on my love for qwerty candy bar phones with touch screens, it takes everything I liked about the Nokia E71 and brings it up a notch. Or five. What is awesome here is the 640×480 resolution on the 2.46 inch screen. This brings the pixel density higher than the iPhone 4, and an awesome addition to the Nokia hardware. 
Image courtesy of Engadget
Having handled the E71, I am betting that the stainless steel chassis of the E6 feels fantastic, and is a major step up over the fake chrome and plastic on my Bolds. I just love the E6, especially in white. What I absolutely hate is Nokia’s Extended Depth of Field cameras that they are implementing on all their high end phones. This means that the focus is fixed, and even though it saves space, it limits you from taking macro shots, something that I do a ton of for blogging and documentation. Definitely a major setback for an otherwise great set of specs. I am also excited to see that Nokia has updated Symbian S^3 to Symbian Anna for some nice aesthetic changes. It is with some serious doubt though, as to who will spend the cash on soemthing like this, when Nokia has made it very clear they are phasing out Symbian support and replacing it with Windows Phone. Its really too bad, because they make some great hardware, but the software is absolutely terrible. I cannot tell you how bad/mad I found/became when handling the E71. Simple tasks became hopelessly complicated if you could even find out how to do it in the damned system. I am really hoping the Bold Touch will be stainless steel bodied as rumors have said. I really want a great smartphone that doesnt feel like a toy. 

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