>Sunday Jog


Went for a nice jog out by the river again with W in tow. Its always nice when W comes for the jog. Even though we don’t talk, and I spend most of the time listening to my music, its always pleasant to have company on your side. And it was especially nice tonight because we finished at the hill’s peak, with a great view of the river valley. I usually go across the Groat Road bridge, but decided to take the Victoria Park trail instead today. 
Ending with stairs on the River Valley’s north shore. Quite nice here. These hills always make Micoach say I am covering less distance per hour. Thankfully, it also shows my gain in elevation so it doesn’t look like I am too lazy. 🙂
And overlooking the River Valley. It was really nice to look at the sun set while we cooled down. Just sitting on the benches and chatting. A nice end to a great run. Ended with a delicious dish of sweet vinegar pork ribs and rice W and I made last night. So yummy. I am going to go make a cup of tea and do some hardcore report writing. 

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