>So complicated.


So one of the assessments that we do at the clinic is behavioral and emotional functioning. Our primary screening tool to determine the levels of functioning in areas such as depression or somatization is through the Behavioral Assessment System for Children Second Edition. This tool screens the child through the eyes of the parents, teachers or the kid his/herself. I had my first set of age-appropriate functioning results for one of my clients and I was floored! Easy to interpret and no problems. Until a second assessment I just did gave me back at-risk to clinically significant levels of functioning in areas all over the place. Why?! Why did this suddenly happen. Suddenly its so complicated and I don’t understand what to make of it. Sigh. Too much for a Friday night.

Also complicated is where to find my tech news from. My favorite site, Engadget.com, is very quickly turning into a term that I hate with a passion, an “iSheep”. The specs here clearly list the Bold Touch as having a very good DotPerInch which is how fine the pixels are. It really doesn’t matter how many pixels or screen size you have, so much as it is how many pixels per screen size you have. And yet in the  article, Engadget very quickly attacks it for poor screen res. Pretty annoying since there’s not really any indication that they looked at the phone from a neutral standpoint. And I hate seeing things as “iSheep” and its a label I do not use lightly. I love Apple products as much as any other Apple fan, but I don’t see it as a godsend. However, it seems that Engadget does, and I bet a lot of the senior editors who have now left the website are also getting sick of selling products rather than looking at them through an unbiased lens. Sigh. I used to like Engadget so much.

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