>The Bold Touch emerges from the wild!


Omg its here! New hands on photos of the new Blackberry Bold Touch have just showed up at the Boy Genius Report. It is soooo nice, I am very psyched out of my mind for it. I love the look, and the new design overall. I really hope it is a steel chassis, as rumors have mentioned and not the crappy fake chrome paint that is wearing off on my 9000 and 9700. 
Finally there is 720p video recording on the BB Bold platform, a sorely missed characteristic that many phones have surpassed a long time ago. Full 1080P HD recording has been available in some phones since 2010. 😦 I don’t need such high def, but I do need better quality than the crappy res available on my Bold 2 right now. Edit: It looks like there’s a new battery inside! I hope it offers the same good old BB battery endurance that I have come to love. Anyways, here’s a nice look at the back:
I am about to go for a run with my trusty sidekick 9700 again. Just sent off another client report to my supervisor amidst a very unfocused morning. I need to clear my brain off for a second. 

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