>Kyoto lunch


W and I grabbed lunch at the local Kyoto restaurant today. It was pretty nice, with a chicken/beef/tempura bento, a katsudon and a tiger roll. As per usual, W couldn’t finish her meal so I had an extra large serving of fun! Pretty sure that’s not helping my ginormous stomach. The beef had a nice flavor to it, but was overcooked. The chicken on the other hand, was unreal yummy! What was really nice about the lunch was the walk outside. It was simply gorgeous out and a really nice counter to the poo storm that April is rapidly becoming. I also enjoyed a fantastic run out this morning with my perfect running partner, Adidas Micoach (I know I mention it a lot, but its just that I love it so much!). Also realized that W didn’t need to get a new iPod to use with her Nike+. Rather, she could use my own iPod, since I am using the Blackberry at the moment. I’m really looking forward to morning jogs with her this summer! And using rival software too. Woohoo.

Also had a blast setting my sister up with the Blackberry Bold 9000 yesterday. Its been an exciting time teaching her the ins and outs of it. Also noted that that was probably a reason my position paper for my human development course was so late! I’m really glad I did it, I really feel confident in helping wary parents and their children’s usage of violent games. So happy I chose the topic. Anyways, off to home and to editing/smashing keyboards!

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