>Phone powerhouse


I am not really sure what to make of the amazing speeds being depicted right here (from Engadget). Noticeably, the iPhone 4 is at the bottom of the heap, below the iPhone 3GS (what?). More noticeably, the dual core Tegra 2 powered Motorola Atrix is in the middle of the pack! What does this mean? It means the new Qualcomm chip is insanely fast. My initial reaction to this is a) fast equals poor battery life as we are seeing with the latest crop of Hummer class smartphones b) what apps am I running that need that kind of speed anyways c) speeds like this mean that we are going to see better and more intricate applications and d) my Blackberry could not touch most of those phones in terms of performance (sad).

I woke up really late today even though I had lots of sleep and alarms set up. Not sure how I am going to pull off this massive term paper that is due on Tuesday. But as my new work strategy goes- its not the amount of days you have, its what you are doing in the next hour. So off I will go to read more articles.

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