>Gorgeous day


Even though I didn’t go outside for a run today, I am still enjoying the warm afternoon sun and its lazy rays dancing over my arms. Its so nice out. Just left the clinic and going to enjoy some articles of video games and aggression. Which will hopefully be followed by an awesome term paper with awesome grades. Just a really nice Friday afternoon overall.

The picture doesn’t really tell much as the white balance on the Blackberry was totally off. But it was a great day. Whether or not BB’s crappy camera can show it or not. 🙂

Speaking of BB, some new videos have just popped up showing the operation of the BB Touch. Having used my first gen Bold, the 9000 for a couple hrs, I completely missed the form factor and the keyboard. Its now going to my sister while she waits for the next announcements, like me, from RIM. Going back to the 9700, I realize that although I love the compact, refined feel of the Bold 2, I really love the keyboard of the 9000 and how it just fits my thumbs perfectly. Most likely the video will be taken down soon, but thats alright. Just more food for thought about how excited I am about it.


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