In spite of a yummy pork rib black bean chow fun dish from Ho Ho's Chinese Food, my day is totally ruined by a massive headache and the sudden onset of anxiety. I was feeling really on top of things this afternoon after I did the following:

A) sent off two reports to be finalized and printed for my clients

B)worked out my biceps to a noticeably awesome pump

C)had plus 8 degree weather and a gorgeous sun, so much so that I wore a t-shirt outside

And then I walked into the clinic and every single one of my colleagues was going into high stress mode with deadlines. And this soon spilled into my brain. And now I have a massive headache, feel dizzy and cannot wait till this term is done. Damn. And my keyboard on the 9700 is too small, I can't wait till I go back to the Bold 1's form factor. Bold Touch is going to be where my heart is at.

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